The Million Dollar CEO System

Join this free live masterclass as Suneera Madhani, a real 8-figure business CEO, reveals her Million Dollar CEO System and discover how to become a CEO in all areas of your life.

Class taking place on September  23rd, 8pm EST. 



Join CEO School founder Suneera Madhani for a 60 minute masterclass where you'll learn:

  • Why you deserve to have it all on your terms. 
  • The mindset that has allowed Suneera to be a multi-passionate entrepreneur and mom
  • How to run your life like a CEO  in less than 5 hours a week
  • The three-bucket principle that keeps Suneera focused and delivering huge value. 
  • How to fire, hire and promote like a CEO 
  • The Accountability Method to keep moving in the direction of your dreams, even when life gets busy
  • The proven three-part framework to create  freedom of time, location, and dollar
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Suneera Madhani is a Fortune 40 under 40, fintech founder who led Stax, a payment processing company, from 0 to 10B+ in payments.

Her entrepreneurial journey began almost at the same time she became a mom -- she raised 20M in funding while 8 months pregnant. While on this journey, she realized how little support women and minorities have in the business space.

Committed to changing that, Suneera founded CEO School, to create a community of support for women in business, and teach thousands what she'd learned in founding an 8 figure business.

Suneera wants to become the first brown girl unicorn with Stax. If that weren't enough she wants to impact the lives of thousands, helping them take leadership and run their lives like CEOs.

Learn more about CEO School here.